Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Roy & Cazzie Mayorga

I love living in south Florida most of the time and try to go to Miami Beach every chance we get. We read about local sightings of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, etc. and it’s certainly fun to run into these celebrities (not that I have!) however, along with the “glitterati” you have the traditional retirees too. One such couple who are dear friends, Tere and Alfonso (she’s from Cuba and he from Ecuador) invited us to celebrate Al’s birthday with his son and wife who came down from L.A.

Alfonso’s son, Roy and his wife are among these “beautiful” people. And I don’t mean that in a flippant, sort of way. If you have never heard of Roy Mayorga, he’s one of the world’s foremost drummers who’s played with metal giants, Sepultura and Stone Sour to name two heavy metal bands. When not on the road touring, he’s writing movie scores and he’s an incredibly talented musician and all around nice guy.

His wife Cazzie of is also gifted stylist in L.A. and a lovely, warm, Aussie. It was an incredible evening celebrating Alfonso’s birthday since he doesn’t get to see his son and daughter-in-law as often as he’d like and they’re both very generous, multi-talented, artists. Definately a fun, memorable evening!

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