Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview with Liset Cruz

I’d like you to meet one of my favorite Cuban photographers, Liset Cruz of Liset Photography on Etsy, I’ve admired her photos since she started her Etsy shop and I asked her a few questions recently.

First, who are you? Please tell us a bit about you, age, occupation, etc.

My name is Liset Cruz, 36. I am a translator working in Tallahassee, Florida. My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time taking photos and processing and enjoying.

How did you get into photography?

I've always been fascinated with photography, since I was a child. My mum took a lot of photos of us and, later on, as I say in my Photoblog, I enjoyed greatly going over them and seeing what we used to do. As I live a big part of my youth suffering the wrongly named "Special Period" in Cuba, I couldn't afford to take photos. If you look for photos of that time in Cuba you won't find many, only some made by foreigners, mostly. In 2004, already working in tourism, I decided to follow my dream and take a course of Photography and started studying Photoshop with tutorials I found on the net. Then, my learning process began (mostly self-taught), my passion took some shape and now I can't let it go. I'm still learning, of course.

Where is your favorite place in Cuba, to take pictures?

I don't have just one. My hometown, Havana, is a fascinating city. I miss "her" a lot. I love Old Havana, the Malecon, the Avenida del Puerto. The Colon Cemetery because I love cemeteries and this one provides me with unlimited inspiration. But in Cuba you can find photos everywhere.Another favorite is Viñales, Pinar del Rio. The whole province is beautiful (not the city, the countryside) but Viñales has a special place in my heart. The sunrise in the valley is something I can't quite explain. I hope my photos explain it better.Trinidad is another place I like a lot for photography, it's perfect also in the morning, before tourists arrive. I really like walking up the Ermita de la Popa and seeing the kids going to school.But I think the best photos are of Cubans. I have to be less shy and take more of those...

Which is your favorite shot from Etsy and why?

If I am going to be honest, I have to confess I haven't taken Etsy seriously. This is one of my favorite but I don't have it in Etsy. I started recently and I'm just trying it out.

What do your hope to accomplish with your art?

The answer is in my Photoblog:"I would like my photos to speak to you. I want their eyes to whisper things to your ears, and these cities and peoples to tempt you, I want you to guess their emotions and their stories. If that can happen, I will be satisfied."

Thanks, Liset

Please check out her unique and beautiful pictures on etsy!

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