Thursday, May 14, 2009

Royal Poinciana "Caminito"

Royal Poinciana
If you live anywhere near south Florida, you may have noticed, as your driving around our roads, how the Royal Poinciana trees in our area are beginning to show a few flowers here and there. It’s too early for the full blown show they put on since they usually start blooming in earnest around June. But, the signs are there. A gentle reminder of what we can expect in a few weeks with their riotous color and spectacular beauty.

If you’ve never seen this tree in full bloom, you’ve missed the showy flowers that range from shades of bright orange to deep red-orange tones. When seen from afar, a tree in full bloom looks like it has hundreds of orangey cluster bouquets but from up close the flower resembles a speckled orange orchid. They're a beautiful sight!
As an artist, I love to paint these trees and it's flowers. I'm lucky to have one of these huge trees in front of my house and will often use this one as my subject. This year however, my tree looks pretty sad, not one bloom yet. Hopefully that’ll change soon!
Have a great week!

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