Monday, July 13, 2009

Caring for Your New Oil Painting

So you’ve purchased an oil painting, or like me, painted a few that you’d like to display properly. How do you display it in the appropriate light and make sure it’s being cared for properly?

First, the experts will tell you not to hang up your painting near a fireplace or radiator, in direct sunlight, nor air conditioning vents. Lights also, may cause damage to the art work over time. Paint pigments can become discolored from prolonged exposure to uv rays. So be careful with the light you choose to highlight your painting. If you’re interested in spotlights for your art work, make sure the lights are specifically designed for that purpose. Experts also warn to always keep the room temp between 65-75 degrees F and 40-55% relative humidity.

Also, look for paintings that have a protective varnish. This will help protect it from the elements. All of my finished paintings have been varnished with high quality damar retouch varnish.

These are just some basic tips to keep your oil paintings looking great and help you enjoy them for many years to come!

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