Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White Ginger Mariposa Original Oil

Copyright 2009 Maria Soto Robbins

This is a White Mariposa, Butterfly Jasmine or White Ginger (Hedychium Coronarium Koenig). An endemic jasmine species used by the Cuban women in the wars of independence to pass messages to the battlefields. It symbolizes purity, rebelliousness and independence. It's a native to tropical Asia but it is loved in Cuba for its wonderful fragrance, beauty and its resemblance to a butterfly. Hence it's name in Spanish, "la mariposa".

Dimension: 5x7 inches gessoed canvas panel

Media: Oils

Lightly damar varnished to protect it from dust and ensure longevity.

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1 comment:

becky joy said...

Very nice painting with the contrast and composition.