Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dr. Jennifer

Copyright 2010 by Maria Soto Robbins

My practice portraits continue, so much so that, I’m not accepting any more requests for the time being. This photo was a very interesting one sent from one of my collectors. A very nice lady whose daughter graduated recently, she sent me her image in hopes that I’d be able to paint her. I immediately liked her warm smile and the cap and gown made it all the more appealing.

Once my impressionistic oil painting was finished, and I sent the picture to Mom, she wrote back saying:

“Thank you! I love the portrait! I particularly like how you captured her expressive eyes. My daughter is Dr. Jennifer B. and she received her Ph.D. in biological anthropology from the State University of New York December, 2009. Her area of interest is skeletal analysis and forensics (think of the TV show Bones....). She hopes to teach anthropology at the university level and is currently teaching part time at Tufts University in Massachussetts.”
I can detect a very proud Momma!

Thank you, Deb, I'm so pleased that you liked it, too!

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