Monday, February 8, 2010

The Rhythm of Success by Emilio Estefan

I've truly enjoyed reading Emilio Estefan's book. It's not only a very interesting biography but also his own personal account of how he has succeeded in this country. He shares many of his guiding principles that he feels, have helped him reach success in his own terms. He tells us that certain habits, like being highly organized, and always being prompt, having a positive outlook, devoting yourself to your family, and planning for your future, are paramount to his success.

He explains that if you follow his example, you will have time and energy to come up with great ideas for your life and your business endeavors, what ever they might be. These disciplines, if you will, have helped him succeed in his life and business and served him well and of course, will help anyone who is willing to sacrifice, as he has.

Truly inspiring account for anyone, not only for the recent immigrants but for those who desire to better themselves and who enjoy an interesting story about one of the most successful music industry moguls and his famous and lovely wife, Gloria. Can you tell I loved it?

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