Thursday, June 3, 2010

Palms and Tinajon

Many of my neighbors in south Florida have these clay pots in their front yards that are used as decorative garden elements. These clay pots or tinajónes were originally found in the province of Camaguey in Cuba where the symbol of the city is the tinajón. It was used to catch the rain water, keeping it fresh, for later use. Local legend has it that if you drink water from a girl's personal tinajón, you will fall in love with the girl and never leave her. As a distinct decorative element, they're very common in our area. My neighbor has one in her front yard and I thought it was a particularly pretty one with the nearby palms. Hers was the inspiration for my painting although I've added a row of bougainvillea along the fence and deleted some other elements for the sake of simplicity. You can see my inspiration photo as well.

Dimension: 9x12 x.75 inches gallery wrap canvas
Media: Oils

Please click here to see this painting in Etsy.

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