Monday, August 30, 2010

Tinajon and Bougainvillea Oil Painting ACEO

Copyright 2010 Maria Soto Robbins

A collector, from New Jersey, recently bought one of my tinajones painting and asked to see more.  He kept telling me that he was from Camaguey in Cuba as if this would somehow justify his desire for another iconic painting of the region.  I fully understand! It's an "añoranza" or yearning for that which we fondly remember and love.  I'm honored that he found something in my creation to satisfy those feelings.

This is another tinajon aceo.  A cute little painting done in oils with palette knife and brushes and it shows a traditional Cuban earthen water jar used in the province of Camaguey. The Spaniards brought these clay jugs to Cuba and it's become a historical, tradition of the region. Actually, it's become a symbol for the city of Camaguey. The little red-pink flowers on the side,  have a raised, thick, impasto finish. It's almost three dimensional!

ACEO stands for Art Card Edition Original, miniature original paintings or prints, a mere 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches in size. They are affordable works of art that can be framed, exhibited on an easel or displayed anywhere you like! ACEO's are a wonderful way to build a collection of art miniatures from a wide range of artists at a fraction of the price of a large-scale original.

Dimension: 2.5.x3.5 x1/8 inches masonite
Media: Oils

Click here to see Tinajon and Bougainvillea Oil Painting ACEO with free easel.

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