Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stephen Krause~Artist Profile

Stephen Krause

I've been working on some flower paintings this week and looking and thinking a lot about flowers in general, and then I stumbled upon some gorgeous realistic flower paintings done by fellow artist, Stephen Krause from DailyPaintersInternationalArtGallery. He's my artist profile this week.
Grandpas Iris #2 by Stephen Krause
 His work is masterful and emotive as well. The details are phenomenal!
Grandpa's Flower #3
He tells us in his blog that "I started my art career when I was 5 years old, when my best buddy and I would spend hours on our front porch drawing pictures or cartoons... Being raised on the Navajo Reservation I was exposed to some of the most magnificent scenes of cliffs, canyons, mountains and deserts one could imagine! I got a BA degree in Graphics and Illustration. I have worked 40 years in different aspects of the art world. I’ve work with book publishers, illustrated children’s books, illustrated for toy companies and have taught art classes for a local college. I’m now doing the thing I love most, painting things that excite me because of their color, contrast, dynamics, and plain old emotional energy they stir in me. My goal is to get the viewer involved with the beauty in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. I have started painting miniature paintings for your enjoyment and ownership. Please visit my web site, www.krausemarketeers. Enjoy, I hope they cause in you some of the emotions I felt in painting them."

Iris Flower #6

He has so many other beautiful paintings in his blog. Check it out here.

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