Friday, November 5, 2010

Art Attack! Thank you Marta!

Amy, Maria and Marta 2010 Cuba Nostalgia

One of the joyful aspects of blogging, for me, has been to meet some really interesting people and learn a lot of new things along the way.
Whether they're art, marketing, or human interest related, Marta Darby from MyBigFatCubanFamily,has left a mark in my heart. She's one of the wonderful people who shares her innermost feelings about her life, family, believes, and does it in such an entertaining, thoughtful and endearing manner. She expresses herself so well, and since English was never my strong suit, I learn so much from her process. So you can imagine how pleased  ecstatic I was when she notified me that she was blogging about my art and having a giveaway!

So, again, thank you, Marta! I'm honored that you would blog about me, and grateful!

Go here to enter the giveaway of my pendant in her blog!

Marta's Lucky Hibiscus-lol

1 comment:

Marta said...

You are a TREASURE! Thank you for the privilege of hosting the giveaway. Your work is awesome!