Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I love Facebook.  But I don't like them changing things on me just when I start to get used to doing it a certain way. For example, FB now will only show the feed from certain friends that you interact with the most. Yes.  If you are wondering what's happening to the rest of your friends, FB knows better, they figure you only want to interact with the same folks over and over again. And yes, they're filtering out many of your friends. 

Thanks to Dan York, who explains it very well here. So that you can see all of your Friends feed, you need to do this:
"If you scroll down to the bottom of your NewsFeed and click the "Edit Options" button:
You will see the option "Show posts from":
With the option set by default to "Friends and pages you interact with most".
What this means is that if you don't "Like" or "Comment" on updates from a friend or a Page over a certain period of time... then updates from those friends and pages will STOP appearing in your NewsFeed.
The fix is, of course, to simply change the option to "All of your friends and pages"."

By the way, I've just set up a Fan Page on Facebook and if you could LIKE me, I'd be so grateful!

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Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I've never joined. Maybe someday.