Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photos from our Illinois trip

We've just recently returned home from our trip to celebrate my mom-in-law's 100th birthday.
It was a totally fun and relaxing trip visiting the family!  Here are a couple of pictures we took.
The whole town of Wyoming was invited! That's how they still do things  in Small Town, America!
The Birthday-Girl enjoying her cake! She's 100 years old, can you believe it?

Lisa, my daughter -in-law made this lovely ceramic platter showing the main  lineage of Lois and Lyle.

Me enjoying the festivities~

In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on something new, incorporating
painting and sewing in one project. I’ve been really having fun with this and I think
many of you will like a functional and yet practical genuine work of art that you can use every day.  I'm having a giveaway and I hope you join in the fun!

Stay tuned!


Maria Soto Robbins

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Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures, bless her. She is just like my mom used to be, always her nails done; by the way she has beautiful hands/long fingers.