Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amazing Geranium Artwork and ✿Waltz of Geraniums✿ by Rebecca Tripp

Her name is Rebecca Tripp, and she's a very talented composer and artist.  She recently contacted me and explained that she was working on a musical project called the "Flower Waltzes" for different types of flowers and could I let her use some of my images on her video project? After seeing what she was up to, and the way she showcased so many different pieces from a wide assortment of artists, I was enthralled. Of course she could use any of my art work.

She included my Buttercup oil painting and above is my favorite composition, Amazing Geraniums Artwork. 

Prepare to relax!

Thank you Becky, for including me in your wonderful creations!


Maria Soto Robbins

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