Monday, May 24, 2010

Cuba Nostalgia Part One

Cuba Nostalgia 2010

We had a chance to go see Cuba Nostalgia this past week-end. Once again we saw some incredible art and artists, got to meet two of my favorite bloggers and had a chance to eat some great lechon (pork).

California girl, Marta Darby of my BigFatCubanFamily blog, celebrated her birthday in Miami and together with her lovely daughter, Kikita (Amy Hohneker) were at the Babalublog booth. They are both such gifted writers. They share their Cuban-American experiences in a very witty and touching way. Kikita recently visited Cuba for the first time and wrote some excellent and heart wrenching stories of her trip. Marta, who also happens to be married to an Anglo, has such a witty and endearing way of describing her life experiences from the Cuban (in America) perspective. I love her stories. Thanks Marta & Kikita for sharing your life with us and making me feel like a part of your family!
And so it was a veritable love fest when we met!


Marta said...


Seriously...the pleasure was all ours!

Thanks for the linky-love! =D


Kikita said...

Thank you so much for coming up and introducing yourself to us!

Mami said it perfectly, "the pleasure was all ours!"