Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oil Painting Demonstration: Simple Geraniums in Terracotta Pot

This is the continuation of Tuesday's post of my painting demonstration of the Geraniums in Terracotta pot.

I keep refining and adding to the table, the leaves and the clay pot, giving it more shape as I go.

I’m using burnt sienna mixed with yellow ochre and a bit of cad red for the pot and giving it more shape with the oil paints:

I keep adding my greens from the cad yellow light and ultramarine blue and ivory black mix and work it into the leaves, trying to remember the impressionists "broken color" mantra. I don’t want the entire leave to have one solid color:

Here I’ve gotten to the stage where I want to start adding the geranium flowers. I want to fill in the upper portion of the canvas and add a bloom at the top to fill in this area and give a more asymmetrical feel:

A small little bloom will be growing at the top:

Next time, I'll continue with the geraniums, pot, and tabletop.

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