Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oil Painting Demonstration: Simple Geranium in Terracotta Pot

This is the third and final post about my step by step demonstration of my geraniums oil painting. Again, this is a fairly simple, straightforward, floral painting. It could have been far more intricate and detailed but I chose not to go that route. Flowers, I think, are very forgiving to paint since nothing in nature is perfect. And then again, it is.
I keep adding a bit more texture to the blooms. Ultimately I want thick impasto on those little red leaves. But not yet! I’ll have to wait until the next day to continue with the petals.

Here I’ve added more highlights and started the impasto:
More details and layering of thickened paint:

Here I’ve added more highlights and impasto:
I missed the shots of the tabletop being painted.
Here’s some details of the final, and the finished painting.

That’s it!. I hope you liked seeing this process as much as I enjoyed doing it!

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