Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ann Zoutsos

Ann Zoutsos

Ann Zoutsos, from the U.K., is a member of DPIAG, and my artist profile of the week. She is one of those artists that I admire because she conveys so much feeling and personality to her dog portraits. And she makes it look easy, as if just about anyone could paint that way!  Her background is impressive. She states in her bio:

"I have painted very many of the world's top show dogs including Crufts Best In Show...Just as importantly though, I have painted many hundreds of beloved pets, mainly dogs but also cats and horses. I was very flattered when three of my paintings were offered as first prize in a competition held by the prestigious magazine 'Country Homes and Interiors'.

I sold my paintings through the famous London store, Harrods, for many years but decided to give this up when the internet became so prominent, and find it nice to have closer contact with customers. I know that my paintings give great pleasure to their owners and always strive to paint the very best picture possible and am very proud to have gained a reputation for producing paintings which not only look like the dog but which also manage to reveal their soul...

Many of my original paintings are sold with a proportion of the sale price being donated to charity."

Ann's canine paintings are my favorite particularly the Dalmations. Check out her website here. She's amazing!


Anne Zoutsos said...

Thank you very much Maria - what a lovely surprise! May I just make a note though that Dalmatian is spelt with an 'a' not an 'o'!! :):) A common mistake which Dalmatian addicts are always correcting.

Again - thank you !!


Maria Soto Robbins said...

You're quite welcome, Anne! It was my pleasure. Spell check noted. Sorry about that!