Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tony Mendoza Art

This week's artist's profile is not a member of DPIAG, but he is a fellow member of  FineArtAmerica . You may recall my post that explains how each Wednesday I'll be profiling one talented artist.

We had a chance to see Tony's art at Cuba Nostalgia this year and this guy does crack me up.  His style is so, well, stylized.  His work is totally, uniquely, his.
There's a saying in Cuba, in reference to a "mess", as in when something is really convoluted and involved and it's refered to as an "arroz con mango". Translated loosely, rice and mango! You can well imagine, what a mess that would be! So Tony's artistic (and very clever) interpretation of it is shown here:

His profile describes him as  "...born in New York to Cuban parents, but raised in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. This guy's work is so vibrant and colorful! He intimately captures the daily life of Little Havana with style and best of all, a great sense of humor".  Check him out here.

I particularly like these two, as well:

Check out this talented artist's FineArtAmerica page here!

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