Friday, September 10, 2010

Miami Beach Surfer Boy Oil Painting

Copyright 2010 Maria Soto Robbins

We have spent a lot of week-ends on Miami Beach this summer. On the beach, by the water, and looking at all sorts of people and happenings going around.  Yes, we love the beach. On this particularly bright day, when the surf was a little more rough than we like, there was a young boy, with boundless energy, trying to surf with his little board. He kept coming in and out of the water, unable to really stand on the board, but trying to capture the waves as hard as he could!

I guess the challenge for me with this painting were also those darned waves! Waves look like they're hard to paint, and they are, for me. I've read (I am self-taught) that waves have shadows as any other object would have and they bring up the sand so you need to add the right tones depicting this.  And then they are "moving" so you want to try to capture the spray of water as well!  And then of course, is the actual boy which I needed to show and  I'm still learning about people...LOL, oh well. Overall, in spite of the challenges, I'm happy. What do ya think, do you have any tips on waves (or anything else)?

Dimension: 8x10 gallery wrap canvas
Medium: Oil paints

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