Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Artist Profile~

Miami Beach Ocean Dr.

Back in June, I started doing a weekly artist profile post. Read about it here. It's been very enjoyable looking for different people to profile but time consuming. I've learned a lot by simply seeing different artists, their styles and approaches to subject matters. It's been very interesting to read their bios, philosophies and see what they create.  I've "met" some lovely people like Annie Maxwell, Jonathan Aller, and Mark Webster who appreciated my "shout out" to them and I've been enriched by the experience.

This was a commitment I made to myself, that I would do this once a week but now I find that I am stealing time from other obligations. Mostly, painting! So, I will still do this, because I love it, but not every week! I will do a once a month profile in November and each month thereafter. I do love researching my "subjects"! If you have a suggestion on a favorite artist that I can profile, even if it's you, please let me know!

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