Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cafe con Leche and Pastelito de Guayaba

Cafe con Leche and Pastelito de Guava

In my last post, I asked that you stay tuned for the conclusion of my painting study on Cafe con Leche and pastelito de guayaba. Well, I'm sorry to say that the pictures I wanted to take of the progression did not get taken. I'm totally guilty. I just forgot! You see, when I paint, I go off into a "zone" where I forget about time, places, people, etc.
I just totally focus on painting and everything goes out the window!
So, I'm sorry that I forgot that I was SUPPOSED to take the darned photos as I progressed. It was hard enough not eating the delicious pastelito until I was all done! Here is the actual, finished painting.

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I.M. said...

I fully understand your "zone." You can't hold a camera in one hand and a brush in another! LOL. Nice finished piece.