Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Artist Profile~Dominica Alcántara

Dominica Alcántara is an incredibly active 87 year old artist.  Her son, Juan, has put together her FineArtAmerica page and says that painting  is "what keeps her clear of mind and young at heart."  I happen to love her rich, vibrant and detailed work.
Dominica Alcantara
Her tropical paintings are distinctively vibrant and heartwarming. She has some wonderful Cuban themes, like Manuel the Fruit Vendor, but I happen to love those that showcase the architectural elements of our native land the most.
Catedral de la Habana
"She was born in Camjuaní, Las Villas, Cuba on May 12th, 1923. As a little girl her parents took her to live in the Canary Islands where she studied painting, her life long passion, in a private academy. When she returned as a young lady she continued her painting studies, learning diverse techniques. As a cuban exile in America working as a teacher she still continued her artistic studies under the tutelage of the late great painter and professor from Madrid Ramón Lapayese.

Hotel Camaguey
Her passion for the colors on the canvas as seen through her eyes do
not overshadow the realism in her work, they simply let her realize the
Colonial Corner
She brings Cuban landscapes and landmarks to life with her brush. She
also confronts complexities disguised as simple themes such as close ups
of coconuts, flowers, fruits, etc. with the ease and good taste of a
master craftsman." 

If I manage to reach 87 years young, as Dominica has, I hope I'm still able to paint and enjoy life with the same zest and vitality. And hopefully with those I love, as she has done. Thank you, Juan, for sharing your mom's vision and art with the rest of the world!

Check out her fine art here.

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