Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pastelito de Guayaba

I've been receiving some valuable input from my Collectors lately. Danielle suggested the art pendant bookmarks, which I think make a lovely gift.  Who wouldn't prefer to use one of these as opposed to a random piece of paper to mark your spot (like I was prone to do-lol?).

And another Collector tells me that I should focus more on my heritage. She says "I think your edge is that you're Cuban and you should paint many different Cuban themes in addition to the generic plants that you love. But not everyone gets the Cuban nostalgia that you do!" Thank you so much, Daisy!

In keeping with her suggestion, I brought home some guava pastelitos and set out to paint one of my favorite Cuban themes. Food. I'm glad I live in an area that has these delicious treats in practically any corner store although I do have to control the urge to eat my subject matter!
Fresh Models 

Next, I'll post what I did with my pastelitos, and Cuban bread, before eating them of course!

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