Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Absence

Pineapple Impasto Oil
Thanks to Jutta in Carmel, CA.

I've been MIA for some time and I apologize if you've missed my posts.  June was spent in our condo on Miami Beach, relaxing by the beach most days and July brought an onslaught of work for my  "other" job. Throw in a mix of health issues, doctor's visits, etc. and plain laziness when I had some free time, and ergo, you have an ignored blog!   

Despite all this, my paintings have managed to be bought and shipped on to loving homes. For that, I'm ever so grateful!  

Cuban Coffee and Lime Red.
Thanks to Erin in Ringoes, N.J.

Oil Paints
Thanks to Mathew in Royal Oak, Michigan

Tropical Fruits
Thanks to Mary in Glade Spring, Virginia
Thanks for stopping by!

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