Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jennifer Mennuti: Plants as Inspiration

Jennifer Mennuti, of Botanical Visions recently blogged about my art in a very inspiring post about the power plants have to inspire us and affect change for the good, in our world. You can read her entire post here.

I particularly enjoyed her description of an artist who renders flowers as one "who takes an event and turns it into a story which can be recorded and retold."  So true.  

Which reminds me of my father. About fifteen years ago, before his death, he came to visit with a small bag full of these weed-like plants.  "Plant these" , he said.  "They just sprouted all over my yard and are very pretty when they bloom".  And of course, I did. Every day when I see a buttercup in my garden, or see my little painting of a Buttercup, "Papi" speaks to me... 

I've subscribed and spent quite a while reading Jennifer's blog since she has so many interesting posts about plants and landscaping in South Florida.  Goodness knows, although I love plants, I don't have as green a thumb as I could have! And she offers quite an interesting way of attaching orchids and bromeliads to trees.  I am going to try that!  Please check out her very interesting blog here.

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