Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Unnamed Artist

2009 Maria Soto Robbins

For those of you who don't know, Different Strokes From Different Folks is Karin Jurick's very cool blog. Each month she puts a challenge photo up and artists will paint different renditions or interpretations of the challenge photo and it's neat to see the same subject painted differently by everyone. The "Year-End Challenge-Swapping 180 Portraits" is now in it's second year. And I decided to participate.

My subject is a beautiful young woman, unknown to me of course, but by the time I finished painting her, I felt as if I did. I really don't think my little painting does justice to her looks. She's so lovely but as Karin Jurick says "don't worry about the likeness - it's about the process". And I did enjoy the process!

Dimension: 5x7 canvas panel

Media: Oils

Maria Soto Robbins
Miami, Fl


dominique eichi said...

Wonderful entry for DSFDF, well done

Lauren Maurer said...

Hello there! I didn't know who I was painting until I found myself on DSDF! You did a great job! What a fun way to meet!

Tracie Brown said...

great color!