Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Annie Maxwell

Annie Maxwell is my featured artist this week.  This Cuban-American artist that is also a member of FineArtAmerica, paints contemporary, vibrant paintings that I find captivating.  I specifically like her paintings that have the typical Cuban iconic images such as the dominoes, vitrales (stained glass), and Cuban coffee pot.  My favorite however have to be the nostalgic paintings of the Cuban woman longing for her homeland or her long lost love. How poignant, and lovely.

You Belong to Me:

"Annie's contemporary artworks tell a story with creativity, a great deal of emotion and fascinating colors. Her unique style has been described as an explosion of powerful, yet soothing and delightful colors that seem to spill from the canvas. This exceptional use of color characterizes and defines her distinctive style. Her enchanting use of color and creativity amuses and captivates the observer."

The Cloer I Get:

Check out her bio and FineArtAmerica page here.   
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All I Need is You:

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