Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank You Karin Jurick

Copyright 2010 Maria Soto Robbins

This past December, Karin Jurick through her wonderful website "Different Strokes From Different Folks", mounted a portrait challenge. About 180 people from around the world submitted a head and shoulders photo of themselves to Karin so that some other person of the 180 would paint it. Painters painted each other anonymously and then Karin posted all of the wonderful paintings and drawings on her blog. Check it out here.

As you may recall, I painted Lauren Maurer and she painted me. It was definately fun!

Then in January, Jill Polsby wanted to do a surprise, for Karin, and came up with the "Thank You to Karin Jurick Tribute", where 118 of the above 180 artists painted a portrait of Karin from a photograph supplied to them by Jill. Here's a link to the Picasa album for everyone to see. Jill, very generously, made and mailed to Karin, a picture book with all the art that was created of her, as a huge thank you from her fans. Thank you for doing this, Jill!

Check it out and see 118 different versions of Karin! It's amazing how everyone interprets the subject differently!

Karin, if you happen to see this post, and would like your oil painting, I would be happy to mail it to you! You inspire and teach me to improve my skills and try different subjects that I would not try otherwise! A big THANK YOU!

Maria Soto Robbins


Lauren Maurer said...

Great job, Maria~ I adore your version of Karin, and I know she will, too!

Maria Soto Robbins said...

Thank you, Lauren! I loved your version of Karin, too!